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I have known La Vonne for many years and she is kind and so good hearted. She is a fighter! Recently I went to her for a massage and I felt so much better after! She takes her time with every area of the body and you feel the soothing of the work she is doing! If she was close to me still, I would get a massage every day!!!! No joke. She is amazing!!!!!!
— Erna M.
La Vonne is a gifted healer and world walker. While she provides excellent massage, yoga, reiki and tea, her true genius is her spirit. Just being in her presence is to be completely seen, accepted and nurtured. Her sensitivity and care provide the space to become personally empowered—her ability to build relationship and connection lights up a room. If you are holding an event or simply seeking a personal healing, La Vonne is utterly unique and completely inspirational. You will not forget her.
— Jaimie
During some of the darkest moments in my life Lavie has been there... relentlessly radiating love and light in ways that always lifted me up. This Lighthouse travels, guiding wayward ships and lost souls toward enlightenment. It’s a beautiful thing to experience. You won’t regret being in her presence, feeling her touch, or drinking her tea.
— Jeremy C.
Hello beautiful SOUL! I wanted to Thank you again.. And I am so glad I chose you without even knowing it was you for my reiki session. Your vibration of love left me happy I am so glad we met. I am not able to attend your up coming workshop being I will be at the empath retreat, but I will definitely attend your next one. I look forward to learning and connecting with. Thank you ❤
— Jessica N.
I love love love this woman. HER sessions are amazing. Her intuitive knowledge of what you need is phenomenal. I felt peaceful and calm after one Reiki and Thai massage session...simply put she is a natural born healer.
— Eshe Issa
Simply amazing. I had a Thai yoga session with La Vonne yesterday at Maha Rose and it was healing — mentally, spiritually, and physically. For the past couple of months I have been dealing with a health issue that left my heart poor and my muscles almost nothing (I couldn’t stand up from a seated position, I couldn’t open anything with a cap). Her work rejuvenated me, and I can see the light from these stormy waters. Thank you!
— Jennifer 
I witnessed a routine family dinner transform into a healing thai massage session. I guess that’s the #LightHouseEffect. I have also witnessed La Vonne conduct an amazing mother daughter worship where every participant was able to learn how to connect with the herbs and flowers through a hands on multi-sensory experience. They created baths, steams, and scrubs for their unique feminine needs. They all went away happy, light, and better able to embrace the healing and soothing powers of plant.
— Marcia