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Welcome to Water+Light+Roots Apothecary | Personalized Plant Medicine Potions
Channeled + Curated + Conjured in TEAsession by The Light House Vibration

Your TEAsession is an experience of Total Energy Alignment for your Mind Body Spirit.

In your TEAsession, La Vonne connects to your Energy Field and Divine Guides to channel messages of Water Light Roots to create Personalized Plant Medicine Potions curated to conjure an experience of Total Energetic Alignment in your Body Mind Spirit.

TEAsessions are available as a Housecall or Online using Zoom.

Each session is unique & every TEAsession will include:

+ 55min Energy Consultation
+ Personalized Plant Medicine Potion
+ Handwritten love letter with sacred messages & ritual instructions

*In-Person Housecall TEAsessions also include Kemetic Yoga / Thai Yoga Bodywork & Hands-on Energy Healing

Energy Exchange: $222


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